Sandboarding in New Zealand

Sandboarding on New Zealand’s North Island

The principle was you grab your swimsuit, grab a body board and catch the boat over to the sand dunes. Once there you all trudge up the sand dune (which believe me was hard work on a hot summers day). Then you grab the edges of your body board, position yourself on it and run and jump. You literally dive off of the dune and then go flying across the sand. If you are good enough and get enough speed you will slide off of the dune and into the sea where you would skim across the water.

Of course that is if you do it well enough. For me the skills weren’t quite there and I tended to leave a trail of sand flying up in the air behind me before spinning out at the bottom. To my delight I did make it into the water on a couple of occasions however. Needless to say it was great fun and well worth the £10 pounds we paid!


2 thoughts on “Sandboarding in New Zealand

  1. If I remember rightly Rob you didn’t make it the water a couple of times… you only made it in once!!The rest of the time you kind of crash landed into the sand lol. The only person there that quite managed that achievement I think, wasn’t it? 🙂

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