Video of the week #8

This weeks video goes in a different direction to some of the previous ones I have shared. It features not on an adventure sport and is not a time lapse. Instead this video kind of picks up from where the last one left off, it is inspiring and really makes you think about things. I came across this video on a friends blog and along with many of the videos I find on Vimeo it is quite amazing. It is filmed by gnarly bay productions, inc and I recommend checking out their channel because they have some really good videos.

As for this one, it is shot beautifully and edited flawlessly. The voice over is also pretty cool with some really thought-provoking narration, although the guys voice does not live up to that of someone like Morgan Freeman. It also has some really good music and the scenery which the video takes you through is truly stunning. The video makes you want to get out there and explore like the people in the video are doing. Now watch this video in HD in full screen and tell me it doesn’t make you smile!


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