Video of the week #9

This week I’ve chosen something quite different from any other video which I have used but it is definitely of a similar quality. This video shows just how much fun one can have in the outdoors. With the right mind, a creative imagination and a get out and go attitude, anything is possible. Many of you may have seen this video before as it has become a bit of a viral video since its upload on February 15th and has already amassed over 8 million views.

I feel that this ethos shines through in this video of the ‘World’s Largest Rope Swing’. It is filmed by a guy called Devin Graham who has many videos like this which are all well worth a look and can be seen on his YouTube channel here. On this channel you can get a further insight into this video with the ‘behind the scenes’ edition. Along with most of the other videos which have been featured on my blog, it had a really good soundtrack and a really enjoyable vibe. As ever, make sure you watch this video in HD and full screen mode!


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